A Day in the Life: Alexis Bickley

A Day in the Life: Alexis Bickley

Above: School life, work life, pizza life – the struggle is real, people. (Alexis Bickley, Class of 2018)

When I woke up today, I got up later than I would have wanted to. I usually get up at 4:30, but I got up an hour late. So like anyone that gets up late in the morning I promptly went on Facebook (and ONLY Facebook) for about 45 minutes. When I was done with my Facebook assignments I decided to quickly get ready for school. What have I done! I have no time. What will I choose?

“Oh look that seems good – WAIT, do these colors match?

“Eh, good enough.”   

I really hoped that I hadn’t forgotten anything.

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RLB Faces in the Crowd: Anna Catgiu

RLB Faces in the Crowd: Anna Catgiu

This year the Ranger Log Blog will be continuing our “Faces in the Crowd” feature on the site. This year we are starting off with a Traip Academy exchange student and Publications staff member, Anna Catgiu.

Stay posted for more profiles as we welcome our international students to Maine this fall. Each week there will be a different student. We want this experience to be helpful to other students. If you only talk to your friends, you’re missing out on a chance to get to know the many people of Traip!

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We’re Back! Coming Soon on the RLB

Hello Traip Academy!

It’s publishing week for the Ranger Log Blog! This week’s stories will include student interviews, ‘A Day in the Life’ of a Traip Academy student, and an update on our new 2016-17 Ranger Log staff from Mr. Sanborn. Stay tuned for updates to our site this week, and be sure to visit the link below to purchase your copy of the 2017 yearbook before the fall sale ends on Friday, October 28th! Ranger Logs start at $45 – don’t miss out on the lowest price of the year.

Feature Stories This Week By:

Senior Writer | Trevor Salema
Junior Writer | Alexis Bickley
Freshman Writer | Austin Bull

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ig-post-2-_-9-26-16Pictured Above: 2017 RL Photography Staffers Savannah Gibson (left) and Belle Sillsby (center) do some ‘self-reflecting’ in the computer lab in September.

Rangers Stay Red Hot | Huge Playoff Matchup Slated for Thursday at Sacopee Valley

Rangers Stay Red Hot | Huge Playoff Matchup Slated for Thursday at Sacopee Valley

It’s the perfect time to take a look back at a hot stretch of baseball for the Rangers, beginning with a recap of their wins over Waynflete, Old Orchard Beach and Yarmouth the week of May 9th. Read more after the jump to track their impressive ten game streak. Their quarter-final matchup against Class C rival Sacopee Valley begins at 4pm on Thursday in Hiram. Continue reading “Rangers Stay Red Hot | Huge Playoff Matchup Slated for Thursday at Sacopee Valley”

Follow the Ranger Log | Yearbooks Are Here!

Follow the Ranger Log | Yearbooks Are Here!
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Teacher Profiles – Mrs. Hoyt

Teacher Profiles – Mrs. Hoyt

Mrs. Hoyt has been a science teacher at Traip Academy for the past two years.  She started teaching in Massachusetts in 1994 where she also taught high school science.  She has been teaching for 22 years, and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to the school building each day. Learn more about her in our newest staff profile after the jump!

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Art Show at the Kittery Art Association

Art Show at the Kittery Art Association

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The Kittery Art Association is hosting its annual art show! The opening reception was, May 12th. If you missed it, don’t worry! It will be open on weekends until the 22nd. Come out and support the artists in our school and the younger schools as well. There will be about forty kids from Traip represented. Traip has seen a recent increase in the amount of students joining AP art and looking to pursue a career in the field. Local art shows are a great way to raise awareness of Traip’s art options and hopefully encourage more kids in younger grades to keep pursuing art in highschool. Continue reading “Art Show at the Kittery Art Association”