Patriots-Steelers Preview: 2017 AFCCG

FeaturedPatriots-Steelers Preview: 2017 AFCCG

The Patriots are red hot this year, have a 14-2 record and once again stand atop the AFC East. They will be playing in their record sixth straight AFC Championship game today – the Houston Texans haven’t made it to the AFC championship in franchise history, and they will have to wait another year to see if it’s possible since they lost to the Patriots 34-16 last Saturday.

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Student Spotlight | Kyle Garvin, Class of 2017

Student Spotlight | Kyle Garvin, Class of 2017

Here is our newest edition student of the week on the Ranger Log Blog. Our student spotlight of the week is Kyle Garvin, a senior and future member of the Class of 2017. Kyle is our first senior in this collection of student interviews on the RLB. Personally, I’ve been in class with Kyle before, but I have never talked to him until now. In the process, I discovered some interesting things about him both as a student and as a person. Find out more about Kyle after the jump.

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Traip Academy Winter Sports Preview: Lady Ranger Basketball 2016-17

Traip Academy Winter Sports Preview: Lady Ranger Basketball 2016-17

Welcome back to the Ranger Log Blog!

The Traip Academy Girls Basketball Team is coached by Scott Blake who is in his fourth year of coaching the Lady Rangers. Last year during the 2015-2016 season the Lady Rangers went 8-14 with wins against their rivals Old Orchard Beach, NYA and Wayneflete. This year we hope to see the Lady Rangers with an improved record and to go above .500 this winter season.

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Senior Editor Trevor Salema: Cure CF

Reflecting Back: October Charity Event & Team Trevor

Every year OPL Charities does a charity golf event to benefit Cystic FibrosisCystic fibrosis is an inherited disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body. Cystic fibrosis affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat and digestive juices. These secreted fluids are normally thin and slippery. But in people with cystic fibrosis, a defective gene causes the secretions to become sticky and thick. Instead of acting as a lubricant, the secretions plug up tubes, ducts and passageways, especially in the lungs and pancreas. Although cystic fibrosis requires daily care, people with the condition are usually able to attend school and work, and often have a better quality of life than people with cystic fibrosis had in previous decades. Improvements in screening and treatments mean people with cystic fibrosis now may live into their mid- to late 30s, on average, and some are living into their 40s and 50s. 

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TWO-bur-uhs skluh-ROH-sis), also called tuberous sclerosis complex, is a rare genetic disease that causes noncancerous (benign) tumors to grow in many parts of the body. The signs and symptoms of tuberous sclerosis vary widely, depending on where the tumors develop and how severely a person is affected. Tuberous sclerosis is often detected during infancy or childhood. Some people with tuberous sclerosis have such mild signs and symptoms that the condition isn’t diagnosed until adulthood, or it goes undiagnosed. Others experience serious disabilities. Although there’s no cure for tuberous sclerosis, treatments are being studied. The course or severity of the disease can’t be predicted, but with appropriate care, many people who have tuberous sclerosis lead full, productive lives.

The charity event is held on the Island of Siesta Key, it is located right by Sarasota at the Southwestern part of Florida. It is held from October 13th-15th at The Resort at Longboat Key Club which has 2 separate golf course locations on the Island. Each night there is a different event and the first night is always the most fun night because it is Hawaiian/Luau night! There are sand designs made on the beach where the luau is held and they are beautiful. There is always a man there who is in a leaf skirt and flowers around his neck and he is a fire master. The other two nights are held in a 1500 sq. foot tent and they have a live auction and comedy act one night and then they have a silent auction for the last night where the charities get the checks that OPL gifts them and presents a video and speech for the guests.

To learn more about how you can help locally, visit Team Trevor’s website today.

Story By: Trevor Salema (’17)

Staff Profiles – Mr. Kiernan

Staff Profiles – Mr. Kiernan

Mr. Kiernan is one of the two guidance counselors here at Traip Academy. A well traveled faculty member, he has spent extended periods of time outside of the United States. His stops have included Turkey, Spain, Germany, Austria, and many more. He has two children including a 5 year old girl named Ella and a 4 year old boy named Grady. During his downtime, he loves to spend time with his kids. Going to the beach and watching movies are some of the family favorites. He enjoys playing all sports, but he absolutely loves playing ‘spikeball’. Don’t know what spike ball is? Neither did I. To top it all off, I bet that you didn’t know Mr. Kiernan is a great hacky sacker.

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